Misc - Crash at startup with "DDNAToolKitPINVOKE" error (Windows PC)


iMazing fails to open, and crashes with the following error message:

"The type initializer for 'DDNA.DDNAToolKitPINVOKE' threw an exception"



The problem comes from driver compatibility issues. iMazing uses Apple drivers to connect to your device. Apple changes those drivers often, and especially on Windows this can cause all kinds of problems. 

  1. If you have iTunes, update to the latest version and reboot.
  2. If you do not have iTunes, reinstall your Mobile Devices Services from iMazing's preferences and reboot:
    Edit > Preferences... > General > Reinstall Mobile Device Services.
  3. If (1) or (2) do not work, follow our troubleshooting article on how to reinstall your Apple Components.

For instructions on how to install or uninstall iMazing, see our installation guide.


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