Restore - "A server problem is blocking Apple ID sign in"


Logging in to your Apple ID during the setup process on the device fails with the following error:

"Could not sign in. A server problem is blocking Apple ID sign in. Try again later."

This can happen after restoring a backup of a device to another, or after transferring data using iMazing's 'Transfer to another Device' wizard.


The iOS Setup Assistant does not actually require you to sign. You can bypass the sign in screen following these steps:

  1. Delete your Apple ID password from the password field
  2. Tap 'Back'
  3. You can now skip the sign in step ('Don't sign in' button in the lower part of the screen).

You can then sign in via the Settings App on your device, where the error should not occur again.

To avoid this error message in the future, you can check Erase target device(s) when restoring backups with iMazing.


For more information, see our guide on how to restore an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from an iTunes backup.


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