Backup - iPhone or iPad backup never finishes


iTunes or iMazing backups never finish:

  • error message at a specific percentage
  • backup restarts on its own
  • extremely long backup times



Your first backup will take the longest; all subsequent backups are incremental and will be much quicker. The following factors can significantly affect backup times:

  1. Connection type (USB or Wi-Fi)
  2. Backup location (local, external, or network drive)
  3. Available space on the device being backed up 
  4. Files modified during the backup process

Connection type

Connect your device via USB instead of Wi-Fi.

If already connected via USB, try another USB port and make sure you don't use a USB hub.

Backup location

Backing up to a network drive or Time Capsule can take significantly longer than local or external drives backups. If your backups to a network drive are not finishing:

  1. Connect to your network drive via cable for the first backup (if applicable)
  2. Make sure that no other simultaneous backups are occurring (pause Time Machine for example)

Available space on device

If your device has little free space left (less than ~5%), it will take much longer to back it up. Free some space on your device, then try again.  

Files modified during the backup process

If your device is taking a long time to back up, files previously backed up might have already changed and the backup process on the device will start over. This happens iOS side - it is a vital part of ensuring a backup's coherence and integrity.

To prevent file modifications during the backup:

  1. Put the device in Airplane Mode and disable its Wi-Fi connection
  2. Do not use the device while it is being backed up




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