Notes - Missing attachments


Images or other attachments are missing from the Notes view and exporting a note will replace the missing attachment with the [IMAGE] placeholder.


Attachments linked to notes synced through iCloud are excluded from backups. This behaviour is iOS side and cannot be changed.

Workaround Solution:

It is possible to work around this limitation by moving notes from iCloud to an iOS device by storing them locally in the On My iPhone account inside the Notes app.

To enable the account, follow these steps on the device:

  1. In the Settings app go to Notes
  2. Turn on "On My iPhone" Account or "On my iPad" Account
  3. Using the Notes app on your mobile device, move the notes you want to export attachments from, to the On my iDevice account you just enabled

Beware that notes stored in the On my iDevice account are no longer automatically synced through iCloud, but they will be included in iMazing or iTunes backups, and even in iCloud backups if you have them enabled.

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