Backup - General iOS device backup issues


iMazing or iTunes fail to back up your device and display an error message, including a wrong 'Device Disconnected' message or 'Generic Error'.



This can happen for many reasons that are sometime difficult to troubleshoot. First of all, make sure that your USB cable is fine, try another USB port and make sure you don't use a USB hub.

If you get the error in iMazing, try to see if you also get it in iTunes.

If you get an error message in both iMazing and iTunes

  • Install the latest iTunes version. It's important to keep your Apple drivers up to date and installing the latest version will update them as well. In iMazing for Windows you can go in Preferences and click "Reinstall Apple Components".
  • Delete the latest version of your backup, then back up again or
  • Delete the entire backup, then back up again.

If your device gets disconnected during the backup

  • This is most likely an issue with the iOS BackupAgent running on your device.
  • Use the iMazing's Device Console to investigate as explained below.


Instructions - Delete backup(s):

If the backup contains data that is no longer on your iPhone or iPad anymore we recommend that you make a copy of it before deleting it:

  1. In the sidebar, righ-click you device.
  2. In the contextual menu, select 'Export as folder'.
  3. In the save dialog box, choose where you want to save your backup and click 'OK'.


Important: if you've ever backed up with iMazing, make sure you delete the backups using iMazing also. 

The following guide describes how to delete your backup with iMazing.


Instructions - Use iMazing's device console to identify the issue:

  1. In the sidebar, right-click your device.
  2. In the contextual menu, select 'Show device console'.
  3. In the device console search field enter "BackupAgent" to filter and only see the BackupAgent's activity.
  4. Back up your device and wait until the error occurs. Then see below for tips.


Device Disconnected and Unknown Error messages:

These are most often caused by the Apple's iOS BackupAgent process crashing. There is various issue that can cause the BackupAgent to crash.

  • Most of issues are related to the new APFS (Apple's new file system) introduced in iOS 10.3. We have written a detailed article on how to troubleshoot such of issue and remove involved apps or files manually, have a look to this article: How to fix Device Disconnected error during iOS 10.3.3 backups
  • There are many other possible issues with the BackupAgent running on the device and unfortunately both iMazing and iTunes are not responsible because they need to communicate with it. We have seen many issues fixed by simply removing the existing backup. Disabling backup encryption, making a fresh backup and then reenabling encryption can also solve some problems.


If you have tried everything and you are still experiencing an issue:

Unfortunately your only choice is to back up your device via iCloud, erase your device and restore the iCloud backup.

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