Music - Tracks are greyed out in iMazing

There are a few things to keep in mind if you find that some of your songs are greyed out in iMazing. Greyed out tracks with an "Apple" logo as icon means these tracks are either on Apple Music or iCloud Music Library.

iMazing can only transfer music which has been downloaded on your device. It also cannot transfer tracks downloaded from Apple Music.

If you check Only Show Transferable Media, just above the toolbar, iMazing only shows those files it can copy. If you uncheck this option, any files that iMazing cannot transfer display greyed out.

There are two reasons why iMazing may not be able to copy files:

  • iCloud Music tracks that aren't downloaded cannot be copied, because they are not on your device. If you do want to export music that's in your iCloud Music Library, download it first to your device from iOS "Music" app.
  • Apple Music tracks are a special kind of file that cannot be copied to a computer or to another device.


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