Connection Issues With iMazing

Connection issues fall into two categories: USB connection issues and Wi-Fi Connection issues. It's always best to first make sure that our device can connect to iMazing via USB.

Wi-Fi and USB connection issues can have many origins: they are by nature complex processes that are sometimes hard to troubleshoot. Often, the problem will also affect connection with iTunes.

If a device fails to show up in iMazing, it may be an issue with Apple Mobile Device Service on the computer itself.

You can make sure that this is a Mobile Device Service issue if the device does not show up in iTunes either.


USB Connection Issues

Please see the following articles for USB Connection Issues:


Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Step One

Make sure both your device and your computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step Two

Switch your device's Wi-Fi off, then back on.

Step Three

In the Device Options pop over uncheck Enable Wi-Fi Connection then check it again.

Step Four

Restart both your device an iMazing.

Step Five

Check whether your device can connect to iTunes via Wi-Fi.

If it cannot then it's likely that the issue is with your device or your computer configuration, and we recommend contacting Apple Support.


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