Save iPhone and iPad Safari Downloads

Importing downloads from Safari to an iPhone or an iPad using FileApp is easy and allows to store permanently the files for later use, on the device or further on a computer. FileApp also allows to save email attachments for offline use as described by this article.

Saving a Downloaded File from Safari to FileApp

This example shows the import of an executable file in a Windows format. This shows that virtually any kind of extension can be imported and stored in FileApp. All files that Safari and likewise FileApp are capable of displaying will open in the viewer first.


  1. After the file has been totally downloaded, Safari will directly offer to open the document in FileApp.


    Saving a file in Safari
    Saving a file in Safari
  2. As the file is not supported by the device choose “NO”, and it will simply copy it into FileApp !


    Storing an executable file in FileApp
    Storing an executable file in FileApp

FileApp offers similar document interaction capabilities with many other third party apps.

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