FileApp Pro File Management, Editing, Renaming, Moving and Copying Files & Folders

In FileApp Pro Apply a long press (leave your finger on the item for 2 seconds) on an item to show all applicable functions for this particular file.

Long press contextual menu
Long press contextual menu
  • Show: read or play the file
  • Open in: open the file in an other App on the device
  • Email: send as file attachment using Mail
  • Print: send the file to an AirPrint compatible printer
  • Delete: delete the item
  • Edit: edit text file (.txt files only)
  • Rename: rename the file or folder
  • Move: move the item in an other folder
  • Copy: copy the item to an other folder
  • Zip: compress the item into a ZIP archive

Manage multiple files and folders:

  • Tap the Edit button (pencil icon on the top bar)
  • Select the items of your choice
  • choose the action on the bottom bar

Select multiple files and folders
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