FileApp Preferences

Go the FileApp Home Screen and tap the Preferences (gear icon) button on the tool bar.

Click the Gear Icon to Access FileApp Preferences

Here is a list of the Preferences sections:

  • Display: all options relative to how files and folders are displayed in the browser.
  • Wi-Fi Sharing (FTP): sharing options for FileApp embedded FTP server. Turning on the option to "Keep sharing active" makes FTP sharing active all the time FileApp is running.
  • File handling: here you can modify the file viewers/players behaviors. For example, if you prefer to scroll vertically when reading a PDF you can use the Built-in iOS PDF reader.
  • Security: allows you to set a passcode for FileApp that will be required to read all stored files.
  • Advanced: lets you change the way FileApp handles the device's memory.
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    Looks promissing, will wait and see.

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