Transfer your Files form FileApp Pro to FileApp 4 without Computer

Here's how to transfer all files, media and data contained in FileApp Pro to FileApp 4 using the Zip and the "Open In" features built-in.

1. Open FileApp Pro at the root level (where you see all files and folders)

2. Enter Edit mode (click on the pencil icon on the top toolbar)


3. Click Select All and create a Zip archive of the selection (choose Zip from the bottom action menu)


4. Rename the Zip Archive FileApp Archive or anything easy to remember

5. Select the Zip Archive you just created from the action menu (long press on the item) choose Open In



6. From the Open In dialog box choose the new FileApp that will open automatically

7. In FileApp tap the Zip Archive that has been transferred to unzip it


8. All your files are in the new unzipped folder, open it and verify its contents. 


9. You can now move them around FileApp to reorder them if desired, delete the Zip archive and discard FileApp Pro!

NOTE: If the process does not go through stalls or crashes this is probably that the device runs out of memory and is overloaded. In this case connect the device to a computer, download an install DiskAid and follow the copy method described in this article.

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