How to Export iPhone Contacts to Outlook

The following article is outdated. You can view the updated guide here.

Basically, iMazing does what iTunes does not, which is to copy data from the iPhone to the computer. iMazing is not designed as a backup tool and as such is also not capable of writing data such as music, contacts, text messages, call logs, memos or voicemail to the iPhone.

Some are meant to be exported only while others, such as music, contacts or notes can be reimported in their original format and location on a computer and then synced to the device using iTunes.

For example, to add contacts to the iPhone you need to add them in the address book as set in iTunes, Outlook in most cases, and from there apply a sync. Using iMazing you can export your contacts to your PC as vcf card files from an iPhone and then import them to Outlook on Windows. Therefore you must make sure the appropriate default preference is set properly as to create one vcf card per exported contact, as Outlook does not manage multiple contact in a single vcf card (see below)

Further, please note that if the pursued goal was to transfer the whole contents of a previous iPhone to a new one, this is a task to be carried using iTunes backup/restore feature


Export multiple contacts for MS Outlook

Unlike any other contact management program for some reason Microsoft Outlook does not support vCards (.vcf files) containing multiples entries. This issue however can easily be overcome, here are the possibilities:

  • When exporting contacts from an iOS device, make sure you set iMazing to create one vcf card per exported contact. 

    1. Open iMazing's Preferences
    2. Deselect "Export contacts in a single vCard"
    3. Copy the selected contacts using iMazing to your desktop
    4. From there you can import them to Microsoft Outlook
  • In case you already have exported the multiple contacts into a single file, Windows have a built-in contact management system capable of dealing with such .vcf file:

    1. Open the 'Start' menu in Windows
    2. Go to 'All Programs'
    3. Look for 'Windows Contacts' ('Windows Address Book' in XP) and open it
    4. Drag the vCard file containing the multiple contacts into it
    5. The program will ask you to confirm the import of each contact
    6. From there you can import them to Microsoft Outlook
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    Hi, I have imported some test contacts to my Mac and now trying to reimport them back to my iPhone using ICloud (enabled), iCloud hasn't picked up that there are new contacts to transfer back to my devices? any suggestions? Also, Is it different for a Windows PC (work computer)?

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    Hi Dee,

     "iCloud hasn't picked up that there are new contacts to transfer back to my devices?"

    • On a Mac, you will have to open System Preferences and click on iCloud under the Internet and Wireless heading to direct your iCloud account to your Address Book.

    "Is it different for a Windows PC (work computer)?"

    -Yes :)

    Firstly, if you are using MS Outlook, you will have to export your contacts as individual v-cards as it does not support multiple contacts on a single v-card file. You can find the option to do this on the Advanced tab of the DiskAid Preferences.

    Secondly, if you want to Sync these to iCloud, you will have to use the iCloud Control Panel for Windows. You can find an explanation about it and a download link here:

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