Copy iPod and iPhone Music & Video back to your Computer

The following article is outdated. You can view the updated guide here.

Connect any iPod, iPhone or iPad. If the device had been synced with another library iTunes will warn you and a message will appear in iTunes asking you if you would like to sync and erase it’s content. Click on cancel!

iMazing will then guide you through the media copy process, here are the steps and choices available to you.

step-1-36px.png Make your Media Selection and Choose the Target

  1. What would you like to copy?
    1. Media Library
      • Will copy all media contained int the device. The figure (in brackets) next to each media type represents the actual number of items that will be copied.
      • From this library you can select specific media type (tick the box to include)
    2. Only Selected Playlist
      • A manual selection of a playlist or any other available item must have been applied before from the music browser.
  2. Where would you like to copy?
    1. To iTunes
      • Copied media will be added to the computer iTunes library, merging the device’s media with the computer’s. By default duplicates will not be added (dupe handling can be set in iMazing preferences).
    2. To a folder of my choice
      • Click Next to choose the target folder

step-2-36px.png Select Available Advanced Options – Depending on your 1st choice

  1. If you are copying media to iTunes
    1. Destination folder
      • This shows the actual location of your iTunes folder. Leave this to default unless you know what you are doing. The iTunes folder location can be set in iTunes’ preferences.
    2. Import library data

      The following iTunes fields will be carried on from the device to the iTunes library along with the tracks:

      • Playlists
      • Ratings
      • Plays
      • Skips
  2. If you are copying media to a folder
    1. Destination folder

      Lets you choose where iMazing will export the media contents.

    2. Organize into folder

      By default, iTunes arranges album tracks together by album folders and those albums are gathered by matching artists folders.
      Choosing Artist only will gather all tracks form the same artist in a single folder.



step-3-36px.png Your Copy Process has Begun!

  • You can stop the copy progress at any desired time. All processed tracks have been saved to the computer.
  • To relaunch an interrupted copy simply apply the same selection iMazing will see tracks that have been already copied and skip them – they will be accounted as duplicates.
  • iMazing displays it’s progress in real-time, be patient, everything is taken care of!


step-4-36px.png Finish and Recap

  • Once the copy has been done, click Show Logs to see what iMazing has been doing.
  • If anything wrong happened it will be described in the log under Errors, the details on copied files and accounted dupes are available from their respective tabs.
  • You should export this file contents to send it to support in order to fix any issue that may have happened.
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