Wi-Fi & USB Hot Plugging Feature in DiskAid 6

DiskAid 6 introduced the ability to wirelessly connect  your iPhone to your computer for file transfer through a Wi-Fi network. USB connection remains the fastest way to transfer large amounts of data, but as the number of connected devices is not limited in DiskAid you can simultaneously push large quantities of data to an unlimited number of devices!

Once the Wi-Fi pairing between DiskAid and an iPhone or iPad has been completed the former will carry on transferring data no matter if the device is connected via cable or only Wi-Fi, DiskAid will switch from one connection type to the other seamlessly as the cable is being plugged or unplugged. This means that you can initiate a connection with or without a cable connection and plug it to speed it up, or disconnect to move away from the computer source of data without interrupting the transfer.

Also, if you happen to leave the Wi-Fi network, DiskAid will remember your device so that it will reconnect automagically once you return.

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