Access iCloud and Transfer Documents from your Desktop using DiskAid

iCloud storage is a great way to back up and synchronize changes to your documents across all of your devices. If you have Apps on your device that are set up to utilize iCloud storage, DiskAid will allow you to display and update their contents directly on your computer. Note that, the existence and display of such documents on your computer is a feature of each App itself. DiskAid is using the access that you have allowed to iCloud within Apps.

Here for example, iA Writer's prompt for iCloud usage on the iPad:


Note: Some apps automatically store data on iCloud. Please refer to the app support and policies for details.

After having enabled this feature in iA Writer, a folder containing the documents saved in this App will become available through DiskAid under the iCloud right menu item. So by using DiskAid, you can read and write documents stored in iCloud, for each App respectively.

Here is an example where a text document has been saved to the iA Writer App, seen in DiskAid:


And showing in iA Writer for iPad after the iCloud Sync:



NOTE: You can also transfer and share your Photo Stream pictures from your desktop using DiskAid!

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