How to Transfer Garage Band Song between a Computer and an iPad (or iPhone)

Copy from Computer to iPhone or iPad

To copy a music file from your computer Garage Band using DiskAid and be able to open it in an iWork App on your iPhone or iPad follow this instructions,

  • on the device, open Garage Band 
  • tap the upper left "+" sign (like for creating a new song)
  • choose "Copy from iTunes"
  • open DiskAid, go to Storage and select  Apps 
  • choose Garage Band you will see the document you just shared!

Copy from iPhone or iPad to Computer

Likewise, after editing or creating a song and in order to copy it back to the computer:

  • in Garage Band on the device tap the "wrench" icon (upper right)
  • choose "Share..." then "Send to iTunes"
  • open DiskAid on the computer
  • in Storage, select Apps and open Garage Band
  • open the Documents folder within
  • just drag it to your desktop to edit or save it there!
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