Managing Ringtones with iMazing and iTunes

This article is only applicable to devices running up to iOS 9.

Getting Tones from your device.

If you need to extract a tone from your device you can use iMazing to do so.
  1. In the left navigation panel of iMazing, select your device and click on the "File System" section
  2. In the main window select Media > iTunes_Control > Ringtones. This folder should contain a database file, another folder, and all of your extra ringtones (i.e. non built-in tones) in the form of .m4r files
  3. From here you can simply drag and drop them to your desktop (or wherever else), or select them and use the "Copy to..." tool.


Adding custom Tones

We will be adding a Tones section in a future iMazing release, but for now you can use iTunes to import your ringtones like this:

  1. Change your iTunes import settings (iTunes/Preferences/Import Settings) to use the AAC encoder
  2. Drag your audio file into iTunes and right click (or command click/two finger tap) and select "Create AAC Version" (also located under the "Advanced" menu drop down).
  3. Drag the created AAC file onto your desktop and delete the copy that remains in iTunes
  4. Change it's file extension from .m4a to .m4r and drag it back into iTunes. It should then appear in Tones under Library
  5. Sync your device to import the tone. It should appear at the top of the list in Settings App > Sounds > Ringtone.
Please note that iOS does not support Tones that are longer than 30 seconds.

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