Copy Music from one iPod/iPhone/iPad to another


Use DiskAid to transfer music from an old iPod to a new one. This is easily achieved and is a great example of how DiskAid compliments the functions of iTunes.

So you need to do this in two parts:

  • Firstly, you must transfer the music from your SOURCE iPod and merge it with your iTunes library, using DiskAid.
  • Then secondly, you need to Sync whatever selection of this newly consolidated iTunes library with your TARGET iPod.


Copying from your source iPod to iTunes


step-1-36px.png Connecting the source iPod.


It is possible that your iTunes is set to automatically Sync with connected devices. This is very bad news! If you see your device begin to Sync, unplug it immediately as you could risk losing all of your devices media. You need to open your iTunes Preferences and on the Devices tab, select

"Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing from syncing automatically" and click OK before proceeding.




You may also possibly be greeted with the following message. Simply click "Cancel" to proceed.iTunes-library-warning.png 

step-2-36px.pngTransfer your music using DiskAid from the source iPod to the computer library.



Once you have prevented any accidental Syncing and connected your device you can transfer your music using DiskAid. Copy your source iPods contents into iTunes using the steps outlined in the following DiskAid tutorial: Transferring your music to iTunes using DiskAid


step-3-36px.pngCheck that the contents have merged


Your iTunes library should now include both the media that it originally contained and the contents of your source iPod. Check to see that everything transferred successfully so that, if you choose to Sync with this library, nothing will be lost.



Copying from iTunes to your target iPod


Once you have consolidated your iTunes library, you can now copy any desired subset of it's contents to your target iPod. This is achieved using an iTunes Sync.

If you wish to copy to a device that has not been Synced with your iTunes library before, your will need to let iTunes erase all of it's contents first. So you should make sure that all of it's media has been successfully merged with your library before proceeding (see above).

If you click on your devices name from the left navigation panel in iTunes then select the "Music" tab at the top of the main window, you are presented with options for exactly what music you wish to transfer. 

Please also make sure that the Sync options on the other tabs, i.e. Movies, Podcasts, etc. are set as desired, otherwise you may end up losing some of this media. Once you've checked that everything is in order, you can proceed to sync in order to transfer all the music to the target device! 

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