Transfer Contacts To (Any) iPhone - Without a Sync and Outside iCloud

The following article is outdated. You can view the updated guide here.

iTunes doesn't give you much choice in terms of transferring contacts from a computer to an iPhone, iPod or iPad. Basically, whether you:

- Use iCloud and push your contact to the cloud (and have to wait until they sync and hope for a good network connection)

- Use iTunes and sync (excluding the current version 11.1.5, in which Apple has removed local sync support for contacts)

In both cases, the device needs to be paired to the computer - in other words you can ONLY transfer contacts from YOUR computer to YOUR device because:

- Using iCloud, both the computer and the device must be registered with the same iCloud account

- Using iTunes Sync with a device that was not previously synced will wipe it.


DiskAid 6.6 and up adds the capacity to transfer contacts from ANY computer to ANY device in the fastest and most secure way ever, whether they are in your Contacts manager (Outlook on Windows or Contacts on the Mac), here's how:

1 - Launch DiskAid, connect your device and select Contacts

2 - At the top of the window choose iPhone to copy the contacts locally

3- Click on Import from Contacts (Outlook) or Import from vCard to upload the contacts to the device - Done!


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