How to fix memory warnings when exporting messages as PDF

Exporting big amounts of messages is extremely costly in memory and can cause the computer to struggle.


As a workaround we'd like to suggest breaking the whole bunch into smaller batches, and to do so:

  • Select all threads on the left where you see the contact names
  • From the top of the messages thread select the first and hold Shift on your keyboard
  • Scroll down (maybe 1/4 of the whole list of messages) and while holding Shift click to finish you selection
  • Choose "Export to PDF"

Narrow down the selection if the computer still struggles, and repeat the operation as many times as desired, resuming from where the selection was left off.

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    marshall goerg

    Hello and thank you for the possible work around. I have the single user license. 

    I have tried to export messages from just one person in my text message history. I am getting the memory error that you mentioned. Do you know when this will be fixed? I don't want to have to go through and select e.g. 10% of the messages from the person at a time and have multiple pdfs. I will say that there are several thousand text messages from this one person. I purchased this because I like the look and feel of the program and was really wanting to be able to export the text messages into a pdf that looks great like it does for smaller amounts of text messages.



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    Hi Marshall, it's a hard call. There are various other solutions you could use:

    I *guess* you are trying this on a PC, if you have a Mac around  (even some friend's machine) you could install DiskAid and register your license on it to give it a go - it gets way better results.

    Alternatively you could export to text and then export the text transcripts to PDF - way less sexy, but robust. In this case you'd export all attachements too if there were pictures associated with the thread.

    In any case we'd like to hear more from you, so please open a ticket!

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