How to Transfer and Sync Saved Games State and Scores across Devices

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Back up iOS saved games to your computer 

To transfer you saved games from one device to another you first need to back up the game files to you computer using DiskAid. Not all games can be backed up in this manner, but if you open the Apps "Documents" folder and find files inside, more often than not these files will be your saves. If you cannot see the game listed under the Apps section in the left navigation panel of DiskAid, or the folder structure does not look like it does in the following screen captures, you might need to select the "Display all Apps...", and "Show root path..." checkboxes in the Advanced Preferences


Firstly you need to locate the saved game files:DiskAidSaveGame1.png

Once you have clicked "Copy to Computer", DiskAid will prompt you for the location that you wish to save these files. You can either navigate to the folder that you want and click "Save", or you can create a new folder specifically for the task


If you choose to create a new folder, you will be prompted to enter a name for it and then just click "Create"


Once you have clicked "Save", your files will begin to transfer to the location that you designated

When your files have been properly backed up, you can transfer them to another device using DiskAid again. Navigate to the "Documents" folder of the same App on this other device and then click the "Copy to Device" icon in the DiskAid toolbar. DiskAid will then ask you to navigate to the location that you initially saved your game files to, and once you find them and click "Save", you should be able to open the game on your device and it will reflect the progress that you had made on your other device :)
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