Keeping Virtua Tennis Challenge in Sync

I play tennis a lot, I'm actually ranking among the world's top 5 players ... on my iPhone. Well, I play Virtua Tennis Challenge on the iPad too, I like the finer controls and larger screen. 

But the thing is that when I spend time in lines, buses and other confined spaces, I rarely have my iPad with me, but my iPhone always. So I am more often battling in the championships to gain money and raise my rank on the iPhone. And when I have time to enjoy a real tournament, I can't all the credits earned on the iPhone.


That's me on the iPad: ranked 10 after having won 7 titles

On the iPhone I'm #5, thanks to the 3 more titles won in circumstances I would rather not disclose here.


I actually thought I should save this great achievement and keep a backup of this stage in my career, and more: I should be able to enjoy it when playing on my iPad next week end.

So I launched DiskAid on my Mac connected both devices (my iPad was connected with the USB cable, my iPhone was already connected via Wi-Fi)  then:

Opened the Virtua Tennis Challenge folder on my iPhone (in Storage/Apps/VirtuaTennis)

Copied the file called USER.dat to my desktop

Opened the same Virtua Tennis Challenge folder on my iPad and replaced the file ...


And I was ready to resume my tennis career at my best level - on my iPad!!


Yay! Now I am undisputedly World #5 - both iPhone and iPad!

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