Backup and Transfer WhatsApp Chat History

This article is outdated, please read the following article to learn how to export WhatsApp data with iMazing:

Move your whole WhatsApp chats and message history from one iPhone to another:

A - Connect the iPhone containing the chat messages you'd like to transfer over and launch DiskAid

1 - Open DiskAid preferences and make sure that "Show Apps even they don't have File Sharing" is enabled

2 - Go to Apps in DiskAid and open WhatsApp

3 - Open the Documents folder

4 - Copy the files ChatStorage.sqlite, Contacts.sqlite, StatusList.plist and wallpaper to your computer

B - Connect the iPhone on which you want to copy or restore the WhatsApp chats (disconnect the former iPhone if you are using DiskAid 5.x or below)

1 - Go to Apps in DiskAid and open WhatsApp

2 - Open the Documents folder

3 - Copy the files ChatStorage.sqlite, Contacts.sqlite, StatusList.plist and wallpaper from your computer  - as these already exist even if they are empty accept to overwrite if prompted

C - Close WhatsApp and relaunch it, all your chat history is here!

NOTE: WhatsApp stores pictures in the Camera Roll, head there within DiskAid to transfer the pictures associated with the chats!


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    Avgoustinos Galiassos

    I managed to transfer all the chat history  but the media gallery per conversation wasnt  transferred . Any ideas how to transfer the MEDIA gallery as well per conversation..What i get are photos with a questionmark

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    WhatsApp has become ubiquitous tool for communication on your smartphones. Not just Whatsapp makes it easy to chat with friends or group messaging but also saves money your money that you would spend on SMS. Unfortunately when you restore your iOS device or reinstall WhatsApp you will lose all the chat conversions that you have received till today.

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    I've looked everywhere for the Media... I can't find where WhatsApp stores images and media. Can anyone tell me the path to search?

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    @ZO if you set WhatsApp to automatically save images to the Camera Roll you can easily recover them from there ;)

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