Transferring Terraria Players and Worlds between your devices

The following article is outdated. You can view the updated guide here.

So if you are as much of an iOS game junky as me, then you have most probably DLed and played the newly ported Terraria for iOS as soon as it was released. I must admit that I wasted many hours exploring the underworld in the original desktop version, and I am very impressed with how it has translated to a touch platform. Anyway, I thought I'd share a quick tutorial detailing the simple process of copying your game data from one device to another.



I'd created a player and world in Terraria on my iPad, but I thought that I might like to have these on my iPhone so I could play them when I had a spare couple of minutes while waiting for the bus.




So I plugged in my iPad, opened up DiskAid and selected Storage > Apps > Terraria and copied the contents of the "Documents" folder to my computer. Once I had these files backed up, I plugged in my iPhone and copied them to the same location.



If you only want to selectively copy your Terraria data, the file names are relatively self explanatory. Player files have the .player extension, world files have the .world extension and you should also find the CONFIG.DAT file in there too which is essentially the currently stored settings of the App. 

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