Enable iPod Disk Use in iTunes

How to Enable iPod "Disk Use" or "Disk Mode"

In order DiskAid to load music or for PicsAid to load your iPod’s pictures from a legacy iPod (Classic or other non-iOS based) you need to enable it’s ‘Disk Mode’ or ‘Disk Use’, here’s how:

step-1-36px.png Connect your iPod and launch iTunes

step-2-36px.png Click on your iPod from the ‘DEVICE’ section in the left menu bar

step-3-36px.png Select the ‘Summary’ tab from the top tab menu

step-4-36px.png Check ‘Enable disk use’ from the ‘Option’ pane at the bottom of the screen (as displayed below)

step-5-36px.png Click on the “Apply” button


Enabling iPod Disk Use in iTunes
Enabling iPod Disk Use in iTunes
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