iMazing First Aid

Follow the steps below before anything else if you are experiencing issues in iMazing:

1. Apply every software update available

  • For your computer:
    • Check your operating system: apply all available system update (Mac OS and Windows)
    • If you have iTunes, make sure it is up to date: select “Check for Updates” from the iTunes help menu
    • Update iMazing: select “Check for update” from the iMazing main menu.
  • For your device:
    • Check your iOS version: not all features of iMazing will work on older iOS versions. If your device is running an old version of iOS (more than 2 years old), consider updating to a more recent version.

2. Reboot both your computer and your device

  • You must totally power off both the computer and the device, not just switch the display off. On your device, you need to apply a long press on the power button.

3. Reconnect, relaunch iMazing and try again!

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