iMazing Mini won't launch (Mac)

When iMazing is launched on Mac with an externally stored Home folder, iMazing Mini will not be able to launch. This is due to certain permissions constraints in macOS which are stopping the service from properly starting up. 


Solution 1:

The only possible workaround involves adding iMazing Mini to macOS as a launch item. To do this:

  1. Open System Preferences and click the Users & Groups icon
  2. Select the Login Items tab in order to display the items list
  3. Now open a Finder window and navigate to the Applications folder
  4. Right-click iMazing and select Show Package Contents
  5. Go to Contents/MacOS and drag and drop the iMazing Mini app into the launch items list in the Users & Groups preference window

Solution 2:

iMazing might not be able to launch iMazing Mini at login because of permission issues in your macOS user LaunchAgents folder.

To fix this issue you need to use the macOS Terminal app and enter the following commands in order:

sudo chown -R <your username>:staff ~/Library/LaunchAgents 
sudo chmod 700 ~/Library/LaunchAgents
sudo chmod 644 ~/Library/LaunchAgents/*.plist

Please make sure to replace <your username> by your macOS username.

You will find the Terminal app in Finder here: Applications -> Utilities.

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